Employment Opportunities

Cook and/or Custodian

The Elgin/New Leipzig public school is looking for a part-time employee to do custodial work as well as someone to help in the kitchen for the 2019-2020 school year.  If the applicant is willing to do both jobs, then up to six hours are available.  Help in the kitchen is needed from around 10:50 to 1:20.  This includes serving food, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen.  Interested applicants may either print off an application at the bottom of this page or pick one up at the school main office.

If the applicant has handyman skills such as electrical, mechanical, carpentry, or other related skills then the position could be full time.

If you are interested in this (these) position(s) you may contact the school at 584-2374 to make further inquiries.

Southwest Special Education Unit (SSEU) –

Special Education Director for ENL, Flasher, Carson, and Mott/Regent

The Southwest Special Education Unit is looking for a part or full-time special education director for the 2020-2021 school year.  Position may be combined with school psychologist, early childhood education director, speech pathologist, or special education classroom instructor for full time.  Position consists of the operation of four school’s special education programs and the management of the unit’s budget and fiscal resources.  Schools consist of Elgin/New Leipzig, Mott-Regent, Carson, and Flasher.  Contract length is 11 month and full single health insurance is offered. Interested applicants contact superintendent Daniel Ludvigson, president of the Southwest Special Education Unit.  Phone: 701-584-2374, email: daniel.ludvigson@k12.nd.us, address: 110 West St Elgin, ND 58533.  Put attention: Daniel Ludvigson on the envelope.  Applications should include a cover letter, resume, 3 letters of recommendation, credentials, and relevant transcripts.

Some job duties include


1. Present annual budget to Southwest Special Education Board.

2. Manage the budget so that funds are available to cover monthly expenditures and procedures are set up for systematically handling payables and receivables.

3. Manage funds to conform to the general accounting practices as determined by the Special Education Board.

4. Complete applications and final reports for IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) grant and Preschool grant.

5. Complete student contracts.

8. Provide contracts for contracted services (OT, PT, Psychologists, etc.).

Special Education Programs/Services:

1. Oversee the organization and conducting of policies and procedures for implementing special education services throughout the Southwest Unit.

2. Monitor programs of out-of-Unit students.

3. Originate and/or develop ideas beneficial to the special education services.

4. Monitor and maintain record keeping procedures to comply with all federal, state, and district requirements.

5. Gather information/knowledge about appropriate curriculum teaching strategies, materials, equipment selection beneficial for the special education students in the Southwest Unit.

Committees/Job Related:

1. Member of the Council of Exceptional Children

2. North Dakota Directors of Special Education

3. Western North Dakota Directors of Special Education

4. North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders


Substituting Opportunities

If you are interested in substituting in the following positions you may contact the school at 584-2374 to see if you can be added to the list of substitutes for those jobs

-Bus Driver

-Cook/Kitchen Staff





Job Application: http://www.jobsnd.com/sites/default/files/SFN16770%20Application%20for%20Employment.pdf