Employment Opportunities


The Elgin/New Leipzig Public School is looking for a special education paraprofessional to begin work as soon as the position is filled.  Applicants need a high school diploma and must past a background check.  Prior experience working with children, in particular those with special needs, is preferable.  If you have any questions please contact the school at 584-2374.  If your interested in the position please fill out a job application.

Window closes 1/23/2018

Full-Time Long-Term Substitute

The Elgin/New Leipzig Public School is look for a long-term substitute for the kindergarten classroom.  The starts late March and goes until early May.  A teaching or substitute license is required to take the position and a copy must be provided.  If you have a substitute license it must permit a long-term substitute status.  If you are interested in the position you can contact the school at 584-2374 or send an email to daniel.ludvigson@k12.nd.us.  Please fill out an employment application if you wish to pursue the position.  Please include 3 references in an application.

Custodial Staff Position

A full or part-time position is available for a custodian at Elgin/New Leipzig.  Duties would include learning the boiler system, pool maintenance, and general upkeep of the building.  The person who is hired for this position will be trained by the head custodian to accomplish these tasks.  The position requires a willingness to come and work on the boiler when alarms or other issues arise and deal with them promptly.  Being self-driven and able to manage your own time is a must.  This position reports to the head custodian.

Pay based on experience, training, and qualifications.  If interested please contact the school at 584-2308 for more information.  A job application is available at the school or accessible through a link at the bottom of this page.  Position contingent on passing a background check.

For full-time positions benefits include a single health insurance plan,  5 vacation days that can accumulate up to 10,  12 days of sick leave a year for full-time, and 5 paid holidays. Benefits prorated for part-time.


 Grant County/Flasher “Storm” Track/Field is seeking applications for the position of Assistant Track Coach (2018 Season)
If interested, please send a letter of
application to:
Mr. Terry T. Bentz , HS Principal/AD
Grant County JH/HS
PO Box 70
Elgin ND 58533
Mr. Brian Nieuwsma, AD
Flasher JH/HS
PO Box 267
Flasher ND 58535
or to inquire
call 701 584-2374 (Grant Co.)
Or 701 597-3355 (Flasher)

Substituting Opportunities

If you are interested in substituting in the following positions you may contact the school at 584-2374 to see if you can be added to the list of substitutes for those jobs

-Bus Driver

-Cook/Kitchen Staff





Jobs Application: http://www.jobsnd.com/sites/default/files/SFN16770%20Application%20for%20Employment.pdf