Notable Achievements

In the Fall of 2014 Elgin/New Leipzig Elementary, was named the National Title I Distinguished School for North Dakota. The elementary school has achieved AYP, adequate yearly progress, every year since the existence of NCLB in the early 2000’s. We are one of the few schools in the state of North Dakota that has achieved this status during NCLB. The Elgin/New Leipzig Elementary was recognized twice nationally with the Gold and Silver Awards from the Healthier US Schools sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture.  Our elementary school was a Nationally Recognized Title School in 2014-2015.  Our title coordinator was recognized in 2016-2017 as an Exceptional Title I Educator.

The high school met AYP, adequate yearly progress, each year since it’s inception in the early 2000’s and only recently fell out of that distinction when the standard became impossible to meet at 100% proficiency. We are in our first year of program improvement and consistently find ways to participate in various initiatives to assist our students in becoming successful and to raise their test scores. Due to the changeover in our state from NDSA to the new Smarter Balanced assessment, our high school met AYP this past year, therefore we need to meet AYP one more year in order to get out of the program improvement, which we plan to do.

In recent years, Grant County High School has had a number of students represent our school on the ND state academic team and had a student in 2013 be named the female Wendy’s Heisman for the state of North Dakota.
Each year, a number of our seniors are awarded the North Dakota Academic Scholarship based on their high academic achievements. In 2018 and 2019 we had a student selected as Star Farmer and in 2018 our Ag. Mechanics team placed 3rd nationally.  In 2018 some of our FBLA students placed nationally.  In 2018 our Girls Coyote Basketball team took the championship title.

We continue to find new ways and programs to engage our staff and students to improve our Reading, Math, and Writing skills. Anytime a new initiative is offered to schools to assist in the improvement of student learning, we are normally first on the list to get involved if it means increased student achievement. We have a very hands-on staff that want to be involved in improvement processes and engage in professional learning activities.