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Smart Restart Handbook

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Presently the plan is for ESSER II dollars is to cover some supply costs associated with COVID-19 as well as some eligible software.  In addition, dollars going towards covering eligible noncertified staff expenses.  This was an additional position created to help deal with the workload associated with COVID-19.  We are also utilizing these dollars to improve our building envelope system.  This will prevent the infiltration of outside aerosol droplets as well as help our HVAC system run more effectively.  This covers our intentions for the 2020-2021 school year.

For 2021-2022 we are using some of the dollars to purchase enough computers to equip each high school student with their own device.  We are also setting aside some dollars to address building needs.  One likely project would be to commission our environmental control systems to improve our overall air quality.  We are looking at improving our Agricultural classes to in turn improve our overall CTE offerings. This will provide the ag classroom with new wielders and a sanitization station.

To address the loss of learning for the 21-24 school years we will be purchasing Reinssance Learning and IXL subscriptions to provide our instructors with tools to monitor the progress of students.  This will be utilized by our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to identify students in need of additional supports and to group students for WIN (What I Need) time in the elementary.

With the new legislation, we are also required to implement strategies that reflect the science of reading to grades K-3.  Dollars have been allocated to provide curricular resources and professional development to address this need.  This will also help us align our language arts curriculum in those grades as well as provide better quality instruction in reading for those students.  This training and curricular update will extend pasting K-3 and eventually encompass K-6.

COVID brings with it many challenges including those caused by losing instructional time.  Our teachers have been putting in a tremendous amount of work to ensure high-quality education is still occurring.  For the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years certified staff will be offered a workload bonus for work above and beyond their contract time caused by COVID or addressing lost instructional time.


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We will be improving the overall indoor air quality of the building.  In conjunction with earlier funds used to replace eight-unit ventilators, an additional nine are being replaced.  This includes air conditioning features for those unit ventilators on the third floor.  We plan to allocate $217,972 dollars towards this end with another $150,000 from USDA once a new round of funding for rural projects rolls over in October 2021.  We will purchase air purifiers for some of our classrooms to help keep the air in the classrooms clean and virus-free.  We will consider the possibility of commissioning our heating system to further improve the indoor air quality of our school.

Some costs of ESSER III will be applied towards additional ancillary staff that helps us address the additional workload caused by COVID-19.  These staff help with central office operations as well as additional cleaning.

To address the loss of learning we are adding additional staffing to make better use of our WIN (What I Need) times.  Our title position is becoming full-time and will work within our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to provide students with the interventions they need at the earliest possible stage.  We are adding additional student strategist support in addition to this to provide higher quality intervention supports during those times.  In addition to this ESSER III funds will be used in the 2022-2023 school year to continue our After School Program.  This program makes educators available after school to help assist students in the completion of their homework and for additional instruction.

In order to keep filling our teacher positions, we have had to offer various incentives and work with exchange programs.  ESSER III funds can be used for the recruitment and retention of teachers.  The cost of these incentives will be covered by ESSER III as we work to continue to keep a fully staffed that is necessary to meet the needs of all of our students.

Presently $41,828.94 has not been allocated for a specific expenditure.  Our hope is to use these dollars to address any budgetary shortfalls that may crop up due to expenses incurred by COVID-19 or to maintain continuity of services with limited funding.