Agenda Book Information

Reading Bag & Agenda Book

Each child in our class has received an Agenda Book.  The Agenda Book in first grade will be used as a learning tool for your child and a communication log between you and me.


 If I have a message for you, I will write the message on the right hand side of the Agenda Book.  I will also record your child’s behavior every day. You may also write messages to me in the Agenda Book.  I will go through the Agenda Book every morning and I would like you to go through the Agenda Book each evening.


Your child’s Agenda Book, Reading Homework, and Math Homework will be placed in the Reading Bag every day.  Please return this Reading Bag daily and do not remove papers from the Reading Folder. I will put in new materials and take out the materials that I feel do not need to be in the Reading Folder any longer.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call me at school (584-2374) or stop by the school.