Weekly Skills

Cartoon image of students doing math

1st Grade Skills for the

Week of  March 23-27, 2020


~ Written Assessment #20

~ Test Taking Strategy #15

~ Adding 9 Facts

~ Identify one half, one third, and one sixth

~ Using Comparison Symbols (>, <, =) ~Divide a Set of Objects by Sharing

~ Write the Numbers 96-99

Oral Language

~ Big Book: “Express Yourself”

~ Read Alouds: “The Upside Down Boy, Hilda Must Be Dancing”

~ Oral Vocabulary: creative, talent

~ Contrast Sounds

~ Phoneme Categorization

~ Phoneme Blending


~ Long o (o, oa. ow)

~ Word sort o, oa, ow

~ Inflectional Ending -y


~ Spelling Words: low, row, puppy, go, no, funny, boat, mother, coat, father

~ Review Words: before, told, glared, happen, heard, haste, began, falls

~ New Words: always, mother, father, try, love, firm, supposed, creative, talent


~ Strategy: Visualize

~ Skill: Fantasy and Reality

~ Maintain Skill: Beginning, Middle, End

~ Text Feature: Captions


~  Adjectives

~ Mechanics: Capitalizing Proper Nouns


~ Writing Journal

~ Personal Narrative

Science / Health

~ Science Spin “Rocket Man”

Social Studies

~ Scholastic News “Bear Cub Checkup!”

~ Scholastic News “Make Way for Ducklings”

Special Events

This week we will be spending time with our families. Enjoy your time together. Cherish these special moments!

Tuesday, March 24             Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30-9:30

          I will be calling you at the assigned times that were sent home a couple weeks ago! Look over your child’s report card and Star Math and Star Reading scores. If  you have any questions, please discuss them with me when I call. Thank you.

Encourage Your Child to Read, Read, Read every day!