Class Policy

Ag. Education Grading Policy

1. All grades will be determined by total points. The total number of points earned by the student will be divided by the number of points available to the student and a percentage grade will be determined.

2. No extra credit work will be assigned. Extra grade work may be assigned at the discretion of the instructor. Completion of extra work does not guarantee the student will receive a better final grade.



3. Late Policy

  • Turned in by 3:15 day due-full credit
  • Turned one day late- 50% of grade deducted
  • Two or more days late-no credit
  • This does not apply if a student misses school with an excused absence.

5. Student will receive two excused absences from the shop for any reason the student misses class (medical, family, approved school activities, ect.). After two absences the student will make up the shop time before or after school.

6. Independent Ag. Studies students are required to be in class every time the class meets, unless he/she is sick, is at a school activity or has a family emergency.