A picture of Mr. Ludvigson

Mr. Ludvigson


Elgin/New Leipzig Public School
110 West Street North
Elgin, North Dakota 58533
Phone: 701-584-2374
Fax: 701-584-3018

Hi, my name is Daniel Ludvigson. I am the Superintendent/Elementary Principal at Elgin/New Leipzig.  I have been a superintendent here since July, 2017.  Previously I worked at Munich Public School for 5 years as their K-12 principal and art instructor. I have been in education since 2007 with my original content area being art. I obtained my master’s in education at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  In 2017 I received the Bell Ringer award. Presently I am the president of the special education unit (SSEU) and sit on the CREA board.  Recently I have served as a rotating member on the Legislative Education Funding Formula Committee and now serve on the NDCEL Finance Committee.

I believe in always making decisions with the best interests of students in mind. Students may have many different needs, skills, and abilities but they all have a right to a quality education.

I am married and we have three children. I grew up in rural Minnesota on a farm.  We raised cattle and harvested corn and soybeans.  I enjoy spending time with my kids, fishing, and camping.