Bus Saftey

Back in mid-October Elgin/New Leipzig held some bus safety demonstrations in conjunction with National Bus Safety Week.  A big thanks to the city for blocking off a street for our use.  We covered several topics including emergency exits, evacuations, what to do in an emergency, blind spots, and the importance of sitting down.  One of the highlights of the demonstration came from our assistant, Bob the Pumpkin, provided by Jim Keller.  I drove around the block with Bob at the back of the bus and made a sudden stop.  By the end of the day Bob was pretty battered and bruised with one demonstration ending with a sizable whole in the pumpkin.  This demonstration illustrated the importance of remaining seated while a bus was in motion. Another demonstration that the students enjoyed involved a large red ball and blind spots.  I drove down the street passing a second bus while a volunteer would throw the big red ball in front of the bus as it passed a second bus on the street.  I would try not to hit the ball but never succeeded.   This demonstrated how little time someone has to react and how much time it takes to come to a complete stop, even when I knew the ball was coming.  We performed a proper back door evacuation and discussed the importance of dressing warm in the winter months.  Students, kindergarten through sixth grade participated in these demonstrations, I encourage you to ask them a little about what they learned. We had fun with bus safety and we hopefully better understand how to remain safe in and around buses.


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