School Dashboard

One of the new features of the Every Student Succeeds Act is the dashboard.  The dashboard was put together by North Dakota to essentially be a school’s report card.  That dashboard is active now and can be found at:  Every school in North Dakota will feature graduation rates, state assessment proficiency rates, attendance, and eventually engagement as well as choice ready data.  In the new law, elementary schools will be evaluated based on academic achievement, academic growth, and culture/engagement.  High schools will also have graduation rate and being choice ready as part of their overall performance (generally speaking).  Presently choice ready has not been defined and we are not yet being assessed on school culture.  Hopefully by the end of January we will know what choice ready means.

In addition to these required items a school district will be able to add their own items to the dashboard dashbaordachievement eventually.  These items won’t factor in a school’s evaluation for proficiency.  They will, however, appear on the dashboard alongside that data as part of that school’s “report card.”  For example, if we want to add our achievement scores on the state science assessment we will have that capacity.

The dashboard will also include enrollment trends, teacher level of education, and dropout rates.  The intent of some of these additions is to expand the focus on school improvement beyond high stakes testing.  There are many other factors that contribute to a quality education and hopefully this tool will reflect those realities.

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