Lifeguard Classes

The Elgin/New Leipzig School has been working hard to get our pool up and operational again.  We’ve had WSI training and with the help of the park board have updated several aspects of our pool equipment.  On April 13th, 14th, and 15th there will be lifeguard classes in Dickinson and we have a group going up there to receive training.  The first day is 4-8 with the other two days being 8 to 8.  The school is willing to cover the cost of the training for anyone willing to work at the pool.  If you value the pool and have the time to get your lifeguard license I strongly advise you to contact the school as soon as you can, as slots are limited.  Once this training is completed we plan to arrange for swimming lessons for grades K-3 here at school as part of their PE program.  We are planning this for April 16 through May 11. This year we will not charge a fee for these classes but in the future we will offer these classes for a minimal fee.  This will provide students with a total of 10 hours of swimming lessons.

Soon we will be arranging for a fund raiser to support the pool.  We want to see your support and get people excited about our community pool again.  We will use the funds to purchase up-to-date equipment and keep our pool properly maintained.  Your support is greatly appreciated and your help is invaluable in keeping our school pool operational.

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