Four Day Week

Four Day School Week Information Sheet

The ENL school district is collected information about 4 day school weeks.  We are just in the information gathering stage and nothing would happen until at least the 2020-2021 school year.  We are trying to determine if this is a change we wish to consider more thoroughly.

A four day school week is much like it sounds.  School would run 4 days a week, typically this is M-Th.  The length of the school day would be lengthened in order for students to put in the same number of hours as schools running 5 days a week.  Snow days would be Fridays, if necessary.  The length of the school calendar is unlikely to change significantly.

Many schools that go to a four day school week have intervention programs on Friday.  A shorter bus route may run that day for students who need additional instruction.  Students and parents could also come in to ask teachers questions.  Typically teachers would put in a partial day on that Friday and it would serve as preparation time.  Some schools require students who are failing to come to school on these Fridays for one-on-one instruction.

Some schools offer programs on Friday, such as child care.  Not all schools do this and in many communities this becomes less of a concern after the 1st year.  In schools where this has been successfully implemented games, and activities are slated to occur on the off day.  This would include things like basketball games, football games, and meeting time for clubs.   It is also typical in these schools that appointments would be encouraged to be taken on Fridays and attendance during the week for both staff and students.

This sort of calendar would also remove the need for early outs for professional development as these could be planned for Fridays.  Staff meetings and other activities are also typically planned for this off day.   This would not have a major impact on paraprofessional and janitorial schedules as the number of hours put in would be the same.  Schools have approached transportation and bus routes in different and varying manners.

Again we are only at the stage where we are considering the possibility of a four day school week and have made no detailed plans for implementation.  We simply want to know if such a move would benefit our school and community.  Please also note I have provided some of the reasons schools move to a four day school week.  There are also other things to consider, like is a longer day good for kindergarten and 1st grade students?  How does this affect ITV course offerings?  Should the school become more committed to offering a 4 day school week, public meetings would be scheduled to gather additional input.


If you were unable to take the survey on parent-teacher conferences night you can also go to and click on the link to the communication survey.

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