Open School Board Positions

The Elgin/New Leipzig school board currently has two positions that will be write-ins on the upcoming board elections.  One for the city of Elgin and the other for the city of New Leipzig.  Saul Maier is again running for the at large board position.  I am writing this article to encourage our patrons to run as write-in candidates for the open positions.  To do so you need to contact the school and visit with Wanda Kirsch.

These are important positions in the operation and management of the school.  Board members serve as the voice of the communities they represent.  As a board member you will work with the other 6 members of the school board to make decisions about the building, hiring, levies, school policies, and many other important aspects to school operation.

This past year one board member was elected as a write-in when no one else ran for the open position.  Another position only had one interested community member.  The previous year one position had to be filled by a nomination of the board and the second position was a write-in when no one applied to run on the ballot.  To say that people are not itching to be on the board would perhaps be an understatement.

These are important positions in the management of our schools.  Board members play an important role in the decisions made to provide our students a quality education.  If this is something that is important to you, I implore you to run as a write-in candidate.  We need good people in these leadership positions who have the best interests of our children at heart. Board elections are held the second Tuesday in June or June 11th this year.  The election will be held at the school in the elementary foyer this year.

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