Free and Reduced Lunches

Many of you have children that enjoy the school’s hot lunch program.  Some of you are more aware than others of some of the ins and outs of this service.  Soon letters will be going out with free and reduced lunch applications.  This application can be found on the school website under Administration – Business Manager.  This program is extremely important for the school.  First and foremost it provides either a free or reduced meal to families that fall within the income guidelines but it goes beyond this.  Our Free and Reduced numbers also directly affect our school funding in several areas as well as our eligibility for many grants.  We receive at risk funding which is based on our enrollment times our free and reduced percentage over three years.  We receive extra E-Rate (technology dollars) funding based on these numbers.  Our title dollars are also affected by these numbers.  These are only a few of the major programs where these numbers are directly featured in calculations that determine Elgin/New Leipzig’s allocations of particular pots of money.  So, even if you’re a family that doesn’t want to take a handout, filling out that free and reduced application still helps the school and provides funds for various programs designed to help economically disadvantaged students.  So please take the time to fill out these applications.

School Lunch

School Lunch

Despite these programs some families may still be unable to pay off their lunch balances due to unfortunate circumstances that a simple income calculation may not take into account.  I thank our patrons who have donated money to help some of these families meet their ends.  I encourage anyone who wants to help similarly to contact the school and ask about providing funds to help these parents pay off their lunch balances.    This helps the school work with our parents to make sure there students are receiving a good healthy meal at school.

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