Back to School 2019

Dear Community Members,

Another new school year is upon us.  With this brings new opportunities, challenges, and experiences.  This year brings to us a few new faces. Anita Anderson will be joining our kitchen and custodial staff. Douglas Koepplin will be rejoining us this year as the new Physical Education instructor and pool manager. Christopher Fischer will be taking Mr. Hetle’s post as Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor.  Lindsey Danbom will be our new K-12 counselor.

We will be continue to improve our MTSS system.  In the elementary we will be looking at utilizing our intervention time, referred to as WIN (what I need) time, to provide more targeted instruction to student needs.  We will also be working on having a unified mathematics curriculum K-4 with the Saxon series.  Along with this curriculum choice we will be looking into incorporating more hands-on elements into our instruction.  We are also working on adjustments to our 4-6 and 1-K report cards.  In K-1 you’ll see the same grading scales as are used in 2-3 presently.

At our staff inservices this August we will be starting our Sources of Strength training.  This is a program our professional development committee secured grant dollars to bring to our school.  This is a training that seeks to address suicide and mental health by promoting connections between peers and caring adults.  This provides our students with more sources of support and an ability to utilize those supports.  We are also increasing the number of early outs this year to facilitate more staff training and education.  You can expect an early out about once a month between September and April.

This summer we are also working on giving our website a little bit of a facelift.  A reminder you can find calendars, teacher pages, school board information, and other important information on our website:  As always, we are looking forward to providing an excellent education to our students.


Best Regards,


Daniel Ludvigson, Superintendent

Mr. Ludvigson

Mr. Ludvigson

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