Seeking Volunteers

Coyote Corner

School is here and all the preparations and getting thing squared away for another year are underway.  This next year we are hoping to get some volunteers to get a few things up and running here at the school.  The first one is starting a Parent-Teacher Organization.  We had a lead at the end of the last year but circumstances changed and we are again looking to help a parent start such an organization.  This would not be an official school organization but we’d be eager to get it off the ground and work closely with such a group.  The second item is that we are looking for adults who would be willing to volunteer to help our elementary students during their intervention times.  We provide all elementary students with interventions in the late morning and mid-afternoon.  We could use help with reading groups, flash cards, and supervision with interventions done through technology.  Extra hands allow us to break students into smaller groups and provide more targeted support.  Interested volunteers will need to take a background test due to legal obligations.  Older high school students who have a study hall during the day are welcome to inquire as well and can use such hours towards community service requirements. If you are interested in either scenario please give the school a call at 584-2374.

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