Truth in Taxation

Some of you may have noticed the tax meeting notices in the paper. This is something that recently changed in law. Previously these meetings only needed to be held when the taxes requested by a school district increased. This did not always necessarily mean that the school district had increased the mils it was levying. Sometimes increases in property values would increase revenue triggering one of these meetings.

Now these meetings will be held annually and advertised by the county. This will be regardless if taxes increased or decreased. This year the mils the ENL school district is requesting did increase due to the passing of the building fund in November 2018. The total increase is roughly 11 mils or 1.1 pennies per dollars of taxable value (which is not the same as market value, appraised value, or true and full value). The funds generated in by the building fund are ear marked to be used for building costs. These dollars will be used to maintain the educational facilities of ENL school district.
I you have questions you can attend the meeting on September 11th at 7 PM to make inquiries. You can also go to the school website, go to the superintendent’s page, and click on school finance. Here you can find various articles about school finance that go into greater detail about specific topics. If nothing else, you can also attend the truth in taxation meeting the following year.

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