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Recently the state has initiated something called a Dashboard on a place called Insights of North Dakota.  It’s a place where you can find a host of different information about the schools in North Dakota.  I wanted to take a minute to explain why you should be proud of what you’ll find about the ENL school district. If you want to check the data out for yourself you can go to the dashboard at

Let me start with Language Arts.  We outperform the state average at both the high school and elementary level.  There is only one other school in the state that has higher growth scores and our achievement on those tests is highly competitive as well.  In 2014 we were nationally recognized as a Distinguished Title I School.  In the 2016-2017 school year our title coordinator, Roxann Tietz, was also recognized as an Exceptional Title I Educator.  We provide a level of education in our ELA that has been recognized at both the state and national level.

I’ll move on to Science.  Let me start with saying we have outperformed the state average on ACT test scores in science for the last two years.  We also out perform the state average on the state assessment in this subject area.  We have representation at the state science fair on a yearly basis that receives recognition and had students attend the national competition last year. We do well in the sciences and should be proud of it.

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Recently, the state implemented a new survey about engagement.  On this survey our elementary outperformed the state average by at least 20% on every category.  This past year our high school composite ACT scores rose above the state average.  We out performed the state average on every category as well.  We enjoy an incredible high graduation rate.  We also have student attending and performing well in state level competitions such as the geography bee, Acalympics, and the spelling bee.

Are there things we can improve on, of course!  Every school should constantly strive to provide its students a better education than they did the year before.  That is after all why we are here, for our students.  That aside, lets just take a minute to appreciate what we are doing well. Just because we are small and don’t have the most funds, does not mean we can not provide a quality education.   If you’d like me to go over this information sometime, feel free to stop by the school and ask.

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