Data Spotlight – January

NL Data Spotlight – Academics

We are in a community with a pretty strong German heritage.  As such we tend to be a bit modest and prefer not to talk ourselves up.  I’ll be writing some articles highlighting some of the things we are doing up here at the school.  If you look at the provided graphs you can see our high school (top graph) and our elementary (bottom graph) perform exceptionally well in the area of language arts.  In both categories we well above the state average.  Our graduation rate is also something to be proud of.  In both of these categories, we are doing exceptionally. I’ll be taking some time in the next few months to share some highlights from our school dashboard which can be found on the web at Insights.ND.  We provide a quality education and we should be proud.

A chart showing graduation rates and ELA scores.

2018-2019 State Assessment and Graduation Information

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