Mr. Daniel Ludvigson, Elementary Principal & Superintendent

Mr. Daniel Ludvigson, Elementary Principal & Superintendent

Dear Community Members,

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their summer and finding a way to beat the heat.  We have been very busy up here at the school this summer for a variety of reasons.  Our science room received a facelift, special thanks to Bryon Rosene, we replaced the tile in the gymnasium, the outside of the building has received a little TLC, and hopefully, our unit ventilators in the high school will be replaced very soon.  Many of our staff have been working hard this summer preparing for teaching in-person and I give them a special thanks as well.

Some of you may be wondering about COVID-19 and the new delta variation in particular.  Our intentions are to start this year normally.  The CDC guidelines for quarantining and isolation have not changed since May at the time this article was written.  There are questions regarding if the COVID vaccination covers all existing strains and if those who are vaccinated can still spread the virus.  If you want to know what the school’s protocols are for any pandemic or epidemic going into the 2021-2022 school year, those plans can be found on our website under administration – pandemic resources.  Again, we intend to start the school year normally.  We will not be requiring COVID screenings or vaccinations, only doing our best to work with Public Health to keep you informed.  At this time the only thing I ask is to stay home if you are ill.

Distance learning will not be provided unless events were to unfold causing the school to close down.  Schools are no longer allowed to provide distance learning outside of an emergency situation unless they have a dedicated virtual school, which we do not.  We will have enough ipads, laptops, and Chromebooks so that every child will have an assigned device.  These will be for use at school, though with a deposit of $150 they can be checked out to complete schoolwork at home.  We are excited that we have reached this milestone and we hope to apply the lessons learned during the pandemic to improve overall instruction here at the school.

We will have new faces greeting our students this year and I would like to introduce some of our new staff members for the upcoming year.  I would like to welcome Tim Pelkofer our new social studies instructor, Vincente Manalo our new Title, 504, and MTSS Coordinator, Carly Doll our new special education teacher, Teresa Copruz our new kindergarten teacher, Katherine Murphy will be our music instructor, Rose Bond a new paraprofessional, and Donna Burman also a new paraprofessional.  Dale Will is returning this year as our Building and Grounds Manager and Brittany Klein will be our preschool instructor.  We are excited to welcome all of these new people to our school and wish the best of luck for those changing roles.  I ask everyone to give them a warm coyote greeting and welcome them to our pack.

We are moving several forms online this year for the registration process and even added a section to our website for this purpose.  Its located under About – Registration and New Students.  Along with this all of our handbooks can be found under Administration – Handbooks/Policies.  For those forms and handbooks available online we will not be making paper copies to send home.  They are available upon request and as stated available on our website for viewing.  This will help cut down on paperwork and hopefully make all the forms and permissions our patrons sign at the beginning of the year a little more streamlined.

Pack Strong Coyotes

Pack Strong Coyotes

Our motto remains be Pack Strong! Be stronger because of your pack and make your pack stronger because of you.  This past spring, we received very high marks from our school review and we are proud of that.  To truly provide that world-class education requires more than just a high review score, it requires a pack.  When we work together as students, parents, educators, and a community we can accomplish some truly great things for our students.  So I invite you to be stronger and for you to make the education we provide stronger because you are a member of our pack.


Best Regards,


Daniel Ludvigson, Superintendent

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Coyote Logo

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