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I would like to take this article to thank our community volunteers who are working to make our students stronger!  I big thank you to Nancy Maier, Karen Sabin, and returning Jackie Bauer.  They have been helping with our elementary WIN (What I Need) Groups.  This is a time when we create small groups for students to work on mathematics and reading skills.  This is one of the reasons we were selected as one of 10 schools closing the achievement gap between students with and without disabilities and why we have been a nationally recognized Title I School.  The added help of Nany, Karen, and Jackie allows us to provide targeted assistance to students on a smaller adult-to-student ratio.  This is hugely beneficial, and the students have really enjoyed working with such great members of our community.  These three women represent what it means to be #ENLPackStrong and we appreciate their time and energy.  If you are interested in volunteering at the school to help with small group instruction feel free to contact Mr. Ludvigson at 584-2374.   If you wish to volunteer, it does require a background check.

A big thank you to Mona Hands as well who has been working with South 40 Beef to put local beef on our lunch tables.  Currently, this is being sold to the school at $2.99 a pound.  If anyone is interested in donating or selling beef or other meat at a similar price to the school, South 40 Beef can process that meat.  Meat donated to a school has to be USDA approved and South 40 Beef can provide that service.  We are very thankful for the partnership and happy to be putting some local meat on our lunch trays.  One more thank you to our head cook for keeping our students well-fed despite the supply chain disruptions affecting many schools across our nation.

The school’s dashboard has also been updated.  This is provided by ND Insights and provides a host of different information on all of North Dakota’s schools.  You can look up test scores, financial information, graduations rates, and student engagement scores.  A direct link to our school’s information can be found on our school website at under about and school dashboard.’

Nancy, Karen, and Jackie

Nancy, Karen, and Jackie

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