Land, Facilities, Equipment, and Food Service Committee – Randy Fischer, Lamont Gaugler, Daniel Ludvigson



Collaborative – Daniel Ludvigson, Beth Roth- Alternates: Amanda Petrick

October 21, 2:45 PM

Dec 9, at early out


Fiance – Randy Fischer and Saul Maier


September 8 that 6:30 -(note this was changed, previously after the Truth and Taxation meeting)


Negotiations – Amanda Petrick, Beth Roth, and Sadie Brackel




CREA Representative: Daniel Ludvigson, Phil Larson (Sadie Brackel as alternate)

11-10-2020, 4:30 PM

Policy: Sual Maier, Andrew Rosin, and Daniel Ludvigson

August 10, 8:00 AM – superintendent’s office


SICC: Beth Roth, Saul Maier (alternate), Daniel Ludvigson, Terry Bentz, Roxann Tietz, Lindsey Danbomb, Mike Mayer, Brittany Klein, Kaci Ulrich, Kay Rivinius, Kyla Zenker,

September 30th


Sports CoOps: Lamont Gaugler and Randy Fischer



Technology – Beth Roth, Saul Maier (alternate) Mike Mayor, Daniel Ludvigson


Transportation – Andrew Rosin, Amanda Petrick, Daniel Ludvigson (updated)

8:30 AM August 10 – Start off at the central office and run routes



COVID Committee – Sadie Brackel, Daniel Ludvigson, Terry Bentz, Vincente Manalo, Sharon Klein, Bridget Winkler, Mike Mayer, Nicole Bentz, Erica Larson, Bryon Rosene, Carrie Gerving







1-18-2021 – 3:20 PM

1-29-2021 – 3:20 PM

5-24-2021 – 9:30 AM – HS Ag Classroom


9-10-2021 – 7:00 AM in teacher’s lounge