Note:  We are a K-12 building.  Everyone below can be contacted at 584-2374 or by sending mail to 110 West St, Elgin, ND 58533.


Daniel Ludvigson, Superintendent and Elementary Principal

COVID-19 Coordinator

Title I, II, IV, & V Representative

Title IX Decision Maker


District Representative to the Southwest Special Education Board


Terry Bentz, AD & High School Principal

Title IX Investigator

504 Coordinator – High School

MTSS Coordinator – High School


Gabrielle Moffitt, K12 Counselor & Testing Coordinator

Title IX Coordinator

Foster Care Liason

Homeless Liason


Vincente Manalo

Title I Coordinator

504 Coordinator – Elementary

MTSS Coordinator – Elementary


Micheal Mayer

Technology Coordinator

ADA Website Compliance


Saul Maier, Board President

Title IX Appeals/Informal Resolution


Sadie Brackel, School Board Director

Hearings Officer for Free and Reduced Meal Applications


Director of the Southwest Special Education Unit

Melissa Rokusek, Special Education Director

Elgin/New Leipzig, Roosevelt, Mott-Regent, and Flasher Public School


Further Explanation

504 –¬†Disability Accommodations

Title II – Civil Rights Complaints

Title III – English Language Learners

Title IX – Gender Equality

MTSS – Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (student interventions)