School’s Purpose

Grant County Activity Bus

Grant County Activity Bus

The mission of the Elgin/New Leipzig School is to provide a positive and safe environment that promotes lifelong learning to all individuals. The mission statement is placed on all letterhead, calendars and outgoing communication to parents and students. This mission statement was chosen by and is reviewed regularly by our School Improvement and Curriculum Council (SICC) that meets monthly throughout the school year to address school improvement and curriculum issues.

The Elgin/New Leipzig Public School recognizes the necessity to promote a positive learning environment so that all individuals can acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will maximize their individual potential in an every changing world.

We believe this has a few essential components that we wish to exemplify:

1. We value Safety

  • In educating students based on need not time
  • Physically, emotionally, & mentally for our students & staff
  • In an environment that allows for making mistakes as part of the learning process
Grant County Coyote Logo

Grant County Coyotes

2. We grow and develop Respect

  • For tolerance of other’s opinions & decisions
  • For the community & the world around us
  • That fosters a life-long growth-mindset learning process

3. We expect Communication

  • That is timely
  • That is two-way
  • That is open & honest
  • That reaches all stakeholders

4. We strive for Empowering our students and staff to embrace Creativity on the journey to achieving Excellence

  • With passion
  • Utilizing originality
  • Keeping the commitment to learning at the forefront
Butter Making

Butter Making in 4th Grade

The Elgin/New Leipzig Public School mission statement aims to provide, in partnership with the parents and other stakeholders in the community, a quality education so that all students are able to reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment. This empowerment will equip students with lifelong skills that will enable them to be successful members of society.

The students at Elgin/New Leipzig Public School are able to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enable them to become lifelong learners in society. Each student is exposed to college and career readiness guidance on a regular basis. High expectations are required of all students in the areas of behavior and academic excellence. Grant County High School offers a variety of classes including foreign languages, dual credit classes of various disciplines, technology, agricultural education, music, and many other strong electives. We provide four different ITV room settings to allow students to enroll in specialized elective classes in which only one or two students can be enrolled. We are members of the Great Western Network and offer a variety of elective classes through the system that wouldn’t be possible on our own.
In Elgin/New Leipzig elementary school, students will experience a self-contained setting in grades K-6. Our elementary students in grades 4-6, have access to participation in basketball, track and field, volleyball, band, and a number of other academic activities such as spelling bee, math meets, math counts, science fair.
Dakota Community Bank Donations $10,000 for new Pool Windows

Dakota Community Bank Donations $10,000 for new Pool Windows

The high school offers a full array of extra-curricular activities in regard to sports but also have many leadership activities to take part in such as student council, national honor society, FFA, FBLA, yearbook, pep club, and speech/drama to foster and increase our students’ leadership and organizational skills. Throughout the year, our students are able to have an adult mentor in the school setting with the Coyote Advisor Time (CAT). Each month, a group of 6-8 students are assigned to a teacher mentor in which a common theme of team building and relationship-building activities are engaged. There is something for every student and a high level of expectation to participate and belong is present among the students.