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Hi, my name is Daniel Ludvigson. I am the Superintendent/Elementary Principal at Elgin/New Leipzig.  I have been a superintendent here since July, 2017.  Previously I worked at Munich Public School for 5 years as their K-12 principal and art instructor. I have been in education since 2007 with my original content area being art. I obtained my master’s in education at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  In 2017 I received the Bell Ringer award. Presently I am president of the special education unit (SSEU) and sit on the CREA board.

I believe in always making decisions with the best interests of students in mind. Students may have many different needs, skills, and abilities but they all have a right to a quality education.

I am married and we have three children. I grew up in rural Minnesota on a farm.  We raised cattle and harvested corn and soybeans.  I enjoy spending time with my kids, fishing, and camping. I am also the local cub scoutmaster.

April 13, 2020

Greetings from Mr. Ludvigson to all the kids out there enjoying their Easter break. I know many of you would to “see” one another and just get some time with your classmates. On Monday, April 13th, I am planning on holding a live Story Time and a brief Art Lesson using Microsoft Teams (Teams program not required to participate). I will be sending out a link to emails via the instant alert system.

I will hold the Story Time for grades K-3 at 1 PM and the art lesson for 4-6 at 1:45. Each session will be about 30 minutes and include time for kids to chat, ask questions, share what they have been doing, or just show off their Easter treats. All that is required for the art lesson is a square piece of paper. Pencils, crayons, and markers optional.

This is all just for fun and available for those who’d like to participate (it is not required).

Art Lesson Link

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 701-404-1777   Conference ID: 331 647 375#
Live Story Time
+1 701-404-1777   Conference ID: 378 759 755#